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Sundays at Gives A Fork.

At Gives a Fork, we've transformed every Sunday into a weekly celebration with a unique and vibrant lineup of monthly events that will have you eagerly awaiting the weekend's end. Let's delve into the distinct flavor of each gathering:

1st Weekend of the Month: Nomads and Nibbles - Hosted by Blue Beats

The first weekend kicks off with "Nomads and Nibbles," a one-of-a-kind event hosted by the energetic Blue Beats. It's an electric gathering tailored to Geneva's expat community. Picture this: Bingo, quirky questionnaires, side-splitting comedy shows, and engaging social experiments all set to the retro groove of 90s playback vibes. It's not just an event; it's a chance to connect with fellow nomads in a fun, laid-back ambiance.

2nd Weekend: House Party - Vintage Clothing

On the second weekend, we introduce you to "House Party," an event that's more than just a party—it's an open house experience with a twist. Carnalito takes over the decks and transports you back to the early 2000s with a playlist that'll have you reminiscing. What's unique about this event? The back area undergoes a remarkable transformation into a vintage pop-up store, inviting you to shop, brunch, and even rent a space to showcase your own vintage treasures. It's where music, fashion, and culinary delights unite.

3rd Weekend: Brunch, Bubbles and Brushes - Hosted by Brings Friends

As the third weekend approaches, it's time for "Brunch, Bubbles, and Brushes," a creative escapade hosted by the talented Brings Friends. This event merges the worlds of art and gastronomy in a way that's truly unparalleled. Here, you're invited to explore your artistic side while savoring a delectable brunch. Each event features different artists and themes, ensuring that every "Brunch, Bubbles, and Brushes" is a fresh, artistic journey. Get ready to bring your creativity to the table.

4th Weekend: Dejhante - Drag Brunch

"Dejhante" takes center stage on the fourth weekend, offering a dazzling showcase of drag performances that sparkle with 90s pop hits, glitter, and a photobooth ready to capture your most fabulous moments. But here's what truly sets this event apart—it's not just a show; it's a brunch experience that's all about freedom of expression and having a blast. Dancing, laughter, and memorable encounters await.

5th Weekend (when it applies): Nostalgic Notes - Karaoke Brunch

For those exceptional months with five Sundays, we've saved the best for last— "Nostalgic Notes," a Karaoke Brunch. Imagine unleashing your inner superstar while indulging in a fantastic meal, all in the company of friends and fellow music enthusiasts. It's the perfect grand finale to a month of unforgettable experiences.

Each of these events at Gives a Fork offers something unique, from the social experiments and 90s vibes, the blend of vintage fashion and beats, the fusion of art and dining, the dazzling world of drag performances, to the karaoke extravaganzas. Join us on Sundays to experience these distinctive flavors of fun. You can choose the events that resonate with your style, or simply roll the dice and show up for a delightful surprise. With great music, delectable food, and a laid-back Sunday vibe, we're here to make your weekends special. Join us for Sunday Funday at Gives a Fork and make the most of your Sundays!


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